ARMY Bomb Ver. 3 Bluetooth Fix

Update 4/18/20: For clarification, this fix is only for a working version 3 of the ARMY Bomb for when it doesn’t flash blue when the lightstick switch is pushed down to bluetooth mode. It’s a glitch in the first wave of the series.


Long time no see (⌒▽⌒ゞ!

I’ve meant to post this for some time.  Most visitors are reading the ARMY Bomb Ver. 3 review and looking for a bluetooth pairing fix.  I shared the ultimate fix in my #LoveYourselfInChicago post , but I’m bringing it to the forefront!

My method before worked until I started shaking my bomb, then I had to go to the Chicago tour stop pairing station.  All they did was put a non-conductive pad at the bottom of the battery unit, lifting it to complete the circuit:

BAM! I was able to throttle that poor lightstick around for TWO CONCERTS! It works!

If this doesn’t help, contact Help Desk at or use the 1:1 Inquiry customer service in the BigHit Shop.  Hopefully, the inquiry still works since they moved to Weply, otherwise try contacting them there.

Gimmie feedback, let me know if this helped! Also, I’m trying really hard to finish my experience at Speak Yourself Tour in Chicago.  At this point, the post is absolute babble, but I’ll get it to a sharable state eventually (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑!

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17 Responses

  1. My army bomb doesn’t even turn blue when I put it on the Bluetooth mode… if I put it on the normal mode the lightskin will just go on and stuff but when I put it on the Bluetooth mode it doesn’t do anything


  2. Arri

    I’m having the same problem since last night. Before the concert, I connected it to the app to check my batteries and it was fine. But when it came to the concert, the bluetooth on it was not lighting up. I tried again now but still nothing. It tried to do the unscrewing and screwing thing and it worked but then I turned it off to check again but then wouldnt work. ahhhh


      1. Yeah, I also have the same little pad on my battery unit. It worked completely fine before the concert started but when I tried to connect to weverse, the bluetooth didn’t light up when I switched the mode and now I’m trying figure out how to fix it. I’ve used it for three concerts and this has never happened before.


    1. So i’ll try to switch to bluetooth mode but the Bomb doesn’t even light up blue as it’s supposed to when it switches. It will still light up on the normal mode tho. I think the bluetooth function on the bomb is broken.


      1. It’s not letting me reply directly to you but it worked! Thank you! I think the switch got loose cuz I had to really push on the switch although it felt like it was gonna break. Ah thank you so much!!

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      1. Anonymous

        Follow up: phone is Samsung Galaxy S7.
        A separate Army Bomb wasn’t changing colors alongside the concert, but updating the weverse and Light Stick apps allowed it to connect. Hope the extra info helps!

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