Unboxening: BTS Werewolf Game

Here’s something quick since writing about SYxChicago is tripping me up (sorry!).

I ordered the BTS Werewolf Game and it recently came in.  I’m so excited to share it!

Gehenna is the artist, and they are amazing.  If you do not follow them on Twitter, do it NYAO!  If you’re active on ARMY Twitter then you’ve seen their Greek Gods artwork trending.  I’ve even seen it reposted to groups on Facebook!

Of course, I can’t manage my money, so I ordered the premium card set that comes in a faux wood panel box with a clamp, instructional booklet, and a pin.  The items fit nicely into the box…just not the velvet? At some point, the box rejected it LOL!

Basically, this game is remodeled mafia game that we Kpoppies have seen played many times (How to play). The attention to detail in the artwork on each card is just phenomenal.  Aaaaaall of them are gorgeous and cut thick, great for handling.  Because this is the premium set, the cards have silver foil detail on the front and back. 

There are character cards for werewolves and villagers and also event cards.

THE ARTISTRY! The characters fit the BTS members so well (๑◕︵◕๑).

I hope to get a game going ONE DAY! I only have so many ARMY friends near me, but maybe I’ll finally go to a concert for a whole weekend and gather 7 of us together for a small round XD!

Psst…If these sexy mens drawings made you parched and you need a fanfic to quench your thirst, try Saltation.  It’s Yoonmin ABO with slight violence, but it’s intense, full of pining and oh so smutty.  I can’t recommend it enough!

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Just someone trying to celebrate life by finding ways to embrace herself, her strangeness, uniqueness, weirdness, introverted-ness, and a ton of other things and then sharing those experiences with those who may need to know they're not alone. Life can be fun!

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