Randomness: Indecisive Writing


I’ve got five drafts of dabbles, including my trip to Chicago, that I’m not satisfied with.

I know I said I’m not going to overthink editing but I might be overthinking the subject, content and impression. *blinks* (´・_・`)

I’m afraid I’ll come off as complaining in these other topics I haven’t expounded on (Wait, have I already??!). I should talk more about doing. *sighs* Plus, most of my drafts started deep in my feelings (^~^;)ゞ

Point is, I’mma post something else soon!…I’m such a noob (*≧▽≦)/

About Crystal

Owner of Transformation ATTACK Blog and writer of the ways in which she learns to enjoy life by embracing herself: her strangeness, uniqueness, weirdness, introverted-ness, and other unattractive things. Life can be fun!

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