Experience: Friendship Weekend Inauguration!

Friendship Weekend in Chicago was a success! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Not only did my friend and I accomplish what we planned, but I also managed my emotions *most* of the time. HOWEVER! I will tell you that the only time I was outwardly upset, for good reason, was because one of my mom’s friends showed (rather quickly (ू˃o˂ ू)) a controlling side of herself.

I stayed honest to my feelings. My mom and my friend knew EXACTLY how I felt about it, then after resting for the night, I was able to go hang with the whole crew for most of the next day.

All-in-all, I had fun. I enjoyed spending time with my mom, friends, and family; I got to eat more than usual cause we walked for miiiiiiles; AND, I didn’t ruin anyone’s vacation with a mood-swing. Huzzah!



Friendship Weekend Day 1:

The Chicago Institute of Art
BTS the Movie: Bring the Soul 

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The moment we checked into The Congress Hotel after a 6-hour drive from Cleveland, my mom rushed out with her sister and friends to party until midnight (LOL!) My friend and I, on the other hand, made a beeline to The Art Institute of Chicago! The Art Institute was such an immersive experience that we allowed our fascination to take over to the point that we were 15 minutes late for Bring the Soul at ShowPlace ICON! Also, both of our cellphones couldn’t keep a GPS signal LOL!

As usual, BigHit and BTS did an amazing job with the movie. I’m so proud of our boys’ strength, courage, and love that they share for each other and ARMY. And of course, I had to wear my ARMY swag!


Friendship Weekend Day 2:

The Museum of Science and Industry
Adler Planetarium

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The very next day, my friend and I finished up our Go Passes at The Museum of Science and Industry and Adler Planetarium.

Strange story.  We’re getting breakfast and I turned on my phone’s airdrop so my friend could send me a link.  IMMEDIATELY some rando sent me like 50 memes, almost nonstop.  Finally, they sent a text…and I could spread the gospel of BTS (LOL!).  They already knew them tho (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Once again, we were horrible with time! When we finally got to Adler Planetarium, we only had time to watch the three shows that came with admission LOL! But, we had a great time.  I think the best moments were when we walked through perfectly sunny weather along Lake Michigan. We captured so many pretty photos and really took in the skyline as we headed toward Adler Planetarium.

After walking THE DISTANCE we were starving, so we went to Bonchon in Chinatown, got some really good boba tea from Joyee Plus and checked out some of the stores.  It’s been a long time since I’ve visited Chinatown.  I can’t believe they now have a kbeauty store, a huge Asian candy store, and a Korean liquor store! If only I could visit regularly!

BONUS: Did you catch Griptok Koya’s ear in the photos? What about the ghost on the German U-boat? ( ⚆ _ ⚆;; )


Friendship Weekend Day 3:

Bud Billiken Parade
Buddy Guy’s Legends
Millennium Park

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Bud Billiken Parade was off the chain! I haven’t been to a parade of this size before and I was blown away by the floats and dance choreography.  It was cool to see so many colors and themes.  Each group really out-did themselves.  It was also inspiring to see that the purpose of this parade was to encourage and promote youth education and care.  I took a bunch of videos and put them below.

Funny story, I wanted Garrett’s Popcorn so bad and helpers on the Garrett’s float was throwing mini bags of Chicago mix! I chased that float down at least five stops until a helper had pity on me and gave me a bag.  I was so proud that I even shared that tiny bag with the crew LOL! 

Afterward, the entire Friendship crew met at Buddy Guy’s Legends for dinner (this had to be the most I’ve eaten in FOREVER! I was mad lucky that all the walking made so much room LOL!).  My friend had never been to Millennium Park or seen The Cloud Gate, so when we finished eating, we seized the moment with my aunt to pay a visit.  Then, as my friend and I headed back to the hotel (my Aunt dipped LOL!), we stopped by Kelwin’s for some of the best toasted coconut and pistachio ice cream I’ve ever had.

The next day, we went home! It was a great trip, save the accident, and I hope we do another Friendship Weekend and that more people attend!

What? The butterfly? I’m glad you noticed! I saved him from being run over in the street.  He couldn’t fly, so I gently picked him up and moved him to the planter.  My friend insists he died because I touched the UNDERSIDE of his wings, which is a myth! When we returned to the same spot, he had moved from the soil to a leaf.  He was fine! (•‾⌣‾•) ̑̑♡ We even left watermelon LOL!

Check out the videos I captured of Bud Billiken Parade and let me know in the comments if you enjoyed my tales of vacation or share your own experiences in Chicago! And, please excuse my excitement in the audio! ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )










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