Theme Update! o(*^▽^*)o

Hey there!

Like the new look?

I had been using the last theme for over a year and finally started to realize some major flaws, one being that people could see all individual content of each post without having to click on it (LOL!).  This made analytics much harder to collect.

With that being said, I went on a search for a new theme and came across this one! The colors aren’t as customizable and there are some other basic features I’d like, but this will have to due for now!

I do like it much much better than the last one.  I hope you do too!

Let me know if you’re digging it in the comments!

About TransformationATTACK

Just someone trying to celebrate life by finding ways to embrace herself, her strangeness, uniqueness, weirdness, introverted-ness, and a ton of other things and then sharing those experiences with those who may need to know they're not alone. Life can be fun!

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