Experience: Walking In The Park

It’s just me and Maya, my mom’s dog!

She’s given me the perfect excuse to take walks, especially in the neighborhood park.  There are times I just want to get away and take my mind off things after work.

It’s unbelievable what a difference a year makes. I barely left the house because of depression, now I’m actively experiencing nature.

Want to know another excuse I’ve gained to walk? Digestive issues!

One of the best ways to help the body process food is to take a walk, so I also walk for about 15 minutes after I eat lunch at work.  It’s a little awkward because I feel as though I’m taking too much time, but I remind myself that my health is more important.

I hadn’t believed in the power of being out in nature and would avoid parks.  I really found it scary as a single woman and as someone afraid of large insects.  I had read plenty of times from health and wellness sites that being in nature (and exercising) could improve a person’s mood, especially while suffering depression, but I didn’t take it seriously until one day I watched this YouTube video.

I wouldn’t be a BTS stan if I didn’t say that OF COURSE seeing Namjoon walking, biking and just lounging in various parks around the world also motivated me to try walking in a park.  I thought, if he has depression and uses nature as a source of comfort, there must truly be some kind of benefit!

I’ve started to feel a bit comfortable walking (tho I’m always on high-alert for deer, spiders, and cicadas!) and have taken to listening to music, daydreaming, and photography (attempting to be like TaeTae-see below LOL!).  Afterward, I feel rejuvenated, accomplished and uplifted.  Sometimes there’s a sense of gratitude that I got to see something beautiful that not everyone gets a chance to see: colorful birds, butterflies, dragonflies, ducklings, bunnies, and families of deer while the sun is shining down on everything.

The only downside is Maya sniffs everything, turning our 30-minute walk into an hour, but I’ve started to make peace with it.

Do you also escape to the outdoors when you’re feeling down? Tell me about it in the comments and don’t forget to follow my blog for more experiences!

Stay fighting!

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