Woah. What a Rollercoaster!

I’ve been MIA.

Had a few posts I was getting ready then I got a huge shock. My mom called me to say she was in an Indiana Hospital being treated for a blood clot in her lungs and leg!

I practically quit my job for a week to live in the hospital with my mom (legit texted my manager like I ain’t gonna be in and drove 6 hours to Indiana), then brought her back home to Cleveland.

Mom is much MUCH better now but things were scary for a minute. I never thought the worst tho! I knew she’d be fine, I just needed to bring her home to recoup.

I’m super blessed! I’m spending time with her at her full-time home in Puerto Vallarta binging Family Fued and eating good food lol. Glad we’re together ☺️

I hope to post more soon, but, you know, priorities. Look forward to my first kbeauty post tho! It’s Memebox 😳😲🤭

About TransformationATTACK

Just someone trying to celebrate life by finding ways to embrace herself, her strangeness, uniqueness, weirdness, introverted-ness, and a ton of other things and then sharing those experiences with those who may need to know they're not alone. Life can be fun!

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