BTS “Tour” 2020???

I know what y’all are thinking. *Big breath* BTS IS GOING ON TOUR IN 2020?!

I wanna believe it too so a chick can save up and get an affordable hotel room. I’m getting too old to be doing these janky Airbnbs, okay?

Lemme just remind y’all that if this is stadium seating (which I’m sure it will be):

  1. Tickets won’t sell out as quickly as arena seating.
  2. If there’s a seat further away from the stage, take it and be blessed! Cause ain’t nobody buying that seat later. There’ll be too many for sale.
  3. There’s always, ALWAYS, a second round of ticket sales. So if you don’t score the first time, keep your eyes peeled and ears to every BTS social media group you can follow. Someone is gonna internet scream that tickets are on sale again (usually closer towards the concert date).

And of course, have fun! Immerse yourself in the experience. Get with friends and mutuals. There’s some awesome Korean stores and restaurants in Chinatown. I loooooove me some Joong Boo Market about 15 minutes away from Chinatown.

If this announcement ain’t about an actual tour than cry with me clowns 😭🤡😭🤡😭

About TransformationATTACK

Just someone trying to celebrate life by finding ways to embrace herself, her strangeness, uniqueness, weirdness, introverted-ness, and a ton of other things and then sharing those experiences with those who may need to know they're not alone. Life can be fun!

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