MOTS7 USA Stops Postponed!

YES! I’ve been away! Cause I ain’t got no self-discipline!

*Coughs* so before I post my review of a Memebox product, I figured I should address the elephant in the room:  BTS postponed the US leg of their Map of the Soul 7 Tour.

Originally, I was gonna post something persuading ARMY as to why this would be a good idea, but BigHit beat me to the punch #ITookTooLong.

If you haven’t read the notice, you can see it on Weverse (someone please tell BigHit to have ONE media outlet! It’s hard as hell to find posts!).  Basically, the tour will be rescheduled, not refunded.  I don’t blame anyone for wanting their money back, especially now with stay-at-home orders and unemployment across the country.

Me, my friend and mom were all ready to see both concert nights in Chicago! (First time going to a tour stop for two nights!) Six tickets, a cramped hotel and plans to find ADA friendly transportation around Chicago (my mother isn’t able to walk long distance) and BigHit made The Announcement.  I think I was most excited that my mom would finally see the glamour and attraction of these seven witty, sexy and genuinely loving boys, and I did feel a little disappointed that she wouldn’t get to see what they FACTUAL hype is about.

Who knows what may happen when the tour is back on, and who knows what all of my group’s availability will be AND we’re hella out of money (LOL)!  But frankly, I’m relieved that I don’t have to make the decision to stay home and lose money, and I don’t have to side-eye ARMY that went to see the boys anyway.  Why? Because some ARMY were planning to go regardless of a killer virus on the loose!

This is very irresponsible.  Not only are there more asymptomatic people than those that exhibit alarming symptoms, but the average infected person can pass it on to 2 other people! Just think of an entire Field Stadium at a 61,500 seating capacity (not including employees and vendors) being at risk, let alone BTS catching the virus while on tour around SO MANY PEOPLE (crew, media, fans, stadium workers, etc.)!

I challenge anyone to look up first-hand accounts of battling the virus on YouTube or any social media.  There’s a ton of them.  They are not an easy watch.  This virus is nothing like the flu that we know of, and there’s a chance anyone, of any age, could succumb to the disease.  After watching, you’d totally relate to how grateful I am that BigHit made this decision on behalf of all of our well-being.

All in all, I believe the tour being postponed is a great outcome.  There’s still a chance for ticket holders (especially those with excellent seats) to see the boys without the stress of having to find a new set of tickets for a different tour.  I’m still excited that I could become a part of another light ocean.  Also, if there was another lightstick being planned, I’d have more time to save up for it LOL!

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