Review: Straight Radiate by I Dew Care

Have you ever wanted a dewy complexion without the grease? Me too! But, you can’t have it with Straight Radiate LOL!

I have oily skin, but I’ve always wanted my completion to appear flawless and luminous, not shiny like Rudolf (Sorry, Rudolf, live in your truth!).  It’s difficult for me to keep that façade when foundation is sliding around my face, seeping into my large pours.  This is a HUGE reason why I hate wearing foundation and you won’t catch me with it on in the nature.

In my quest, I bought a travel-sized Straight Radiate by I Dew Care, a product line from Memebox USA, from my favoretist store, Marshall’s.  I took it to Puerto Vallarta during a trip to visit my mom for a little over a week to test its stay power in the heat and how reflective it may be in some of THE BEST sunshine on the continent!

Straight Radiate is a “Radiance moisturizing, gold gel cream.” It can be applied as a traditional highlighter or worn all-over the face as a moisturizer.  I did the latter because I don’t wear foundation and I wanted to see how well it rested over hyperpigmentation.  I followed-up the moisturizer with The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco No Shine Hydrating Sun Cream (cause even though there’s titanium dioxide in the ingredients, a girl can never have too cautious!) and Banila Co Prime Primer Finishing Powder in Matte to test whether this would keep the product from moving and reduce the appearance of oil while I’m sweating in the heat (LOL!)

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Indoors, I was glowing.  It’s a beautiful finish!-Very thin and lightweight.  Barely noticeable except that dazzling skin, guuurl! Under the sun…I looked like a golden orb (LOL!).  It’s like I took gold powder (in the ingredients) and dusted it all over my face, almost like I just didn’t know when to stop.  It didn’t look natural.  At.  All.  The oils from my skin also magnified the brightness of the highlighter.  Over time, as I began to sweat and produce oil, the product would settle into large pores and fine lines-Lines I didn’t know I had! Once this happened, I couldn’t blend it out.  I tried using more Prime Primer powder, even tried just buffing it out with the powder puff.  It was just stuck.  Pore filler might correct this, but I didn’t think to bring any with me.

(Sorry! I meant to take pictures indoors and outdoors, so the best I had was photos in the shade and in the sun LOL! Can’t wait to share how I got rid of those bumps and lightened some of my hyperpigmentation.)

Here is a positive observation! The moisturizer didn’t break me out.  Korean skin care is well known for its feathery light consistency since multiple products are layered on top of each other.  This particular product has a gel consistency.  It’s almost like putting loose putty on your face, but a little goes a loooooong way.  I could confidently wear this every day without worrying that it’ll clog my pores.  And, water being the main ingredient, with a bit of castor oil and hyaluronic acid, I know Straight Radiate will keep my skin from getting crispy. BUT! I couldn’t confidently walk around with a greasy golden face.  Another excellent plus is that the moisturizer is sheer enough for darker skin tones (MEEEEE!).  If you have that luscious dark chocolatey skin, the gold in this highlighter will show up really nice.  I’d suggest adding just a little bit to your foundation or adding it over foundation as a creamy highlighter before setting it.

I could definitely pull off this look indoors since the sun wouldn’t expose THE LIES!  If you don’t like wearing foundation and you don’t have oily skin, Straight Radiate might work best for a sun-kissed look.  Most likely, I’ll give this product another try during a work week where I’ll be indoors and I won’t be physically exerting myself in the bright tropical sun…and because I paid for this joint, I ought to use it up (LOL!)


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