Namjoon the Actor

Credit: Netmarble, BTSWorld

Time to share more vivid dreams! *Cheers!* OH! Trigger warning: this dream involves…muuuuurdeeeeer.  It’s kinda gruesome.  ONWARD!




and darker than usual because of the mist among the houses.  It must’ve rained and I had just missed it before my lonely walk along a seemingly deserted neighborhood, but it wasn’t an unfamiliar location. It’s just this night, the street lamps were hardly bright and not a single light was on in any of the houses.

I continued to walk along the empty road with a feeling a dread behind me.  No one was following me, I was alone, but I knew I’d be the one to find something…horrific.  I happened to notice something towards the corner of a rod-iron fence-a person! I slowly approach them…they were bloody and left impaled on the spikes of the fence!

I screamed in terror and someone yelled,”CUT!” Namjoon makes a silly gag while covered in special effects makeup with a fake metal rod sticking from him.  Everyone laughed at the jokester, relieved the scene was over.  He even started talking to someone like he didn’t look like the undead.  I personally looked and felt like a person caught on candid camera.  I still don’t know how the hell I got there, I wasn’t a part of the cast LOL!

Namjoon was cast in a thriller kdrama centered around a murder, and his character’s death was the big reveal, the episode 1 cliffhanger before the story flashes back to scenes of the past so that the detective (a woman that was falling in love with Namjoon’s character and was to meet him again for a date) could piece together what happened.  But, it was scary AF! I was thinking, NOT MY NAMJOON! LOL!

Although, we all know by now that Joon has acted through numerous music videos, album sketches, video reels and video game cut scenes, my brain dumbed down his first kdrama acting gig to a side-character, though integral to the plot.  In reality, he would be THE MAIN CHARACTER in whatever genre HE CHOOSES, but I’d loooove to see him in a romance *sighs.* So dreamy.

Well that’s it! I’ll have more dreams to share, believe me!

Stay Fighting, kids!

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