Saga of the ARMY Bomb Connection

I see y’all blowing up my ARMY Bomb Ver. 3 post like that bluetooth connection is gonna be the last thing y’all do! LOL!

Bang Bang Con is next weekend (RIP sleeping at night, hello being a vampire) and Big Hit has promised that we can connect our ARMY Bombs through Weverse for an authentic concert experience (…although alone and not in a light ocean doing the wave (╥_╥) BUT I’m still hella excited nonetheless!).  

If you are having trouble with a solid Bluetooth connection on your ARMY Bomb, check out my fix post. It involves putting a tiny cushion below the battery cage to push it up, completing the bluetooth connection.

Youre Welcome Gif

Big Hit has advised that they will release more information on how to connect the ARMY Bomb to Weverse in time for Bang Bang Con (besides that we have to use the media tab).  At the last concert, they provided simplistic examples so everyone could understand how to connect their ARMY Bombs.  So don’t sweat it and look out for another notice on Weverse!

I’m sure we’re all ecstatic for a chance to see concerts we couldn’t go to (THE FLIPPIN RED BULLET TOUR!!! *coughs* Ahem *collects herself*), attend a wonderful replacement for a tour that was postponed, AND the fact that millions of ARMY can enjoy all of these treats globally, FOR FREE, at the SAME TIME! (They love us so much! (♥ω♥ )). In our excitement let’s not forget that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is still prevalent. Please continue to practice social distancing. Don’t invite friends and family over. Just watch on separate devices and text, video chat, screen share or even call each other in real time. It’ll still be enjoyable AND you can still experience this awesome show of affection from BTS and Big Hit without endangering the lives of others.

Borahae and Stay Fighting! 💜

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Owner of Transformation ATTACK Blog and writer of the ways in which she learns to enjoy life by embracing herself: her strangeness, uniqueness, weirdness, introverted-ness, and other unattractive things. Life can be fun!

7 Responses

  1. Yeonki Min

    I’ve emailed them and they replied but I believe they completely missed the point that my bluetooth mode in the ABV3 may be the issue. I tried the solutions provided in their email and none worked. The latest update of the app was 16 April 2020 and all of the reviews I read were from Samsung users who could not connect to the app :/ Sad to say that this issue came about after I customised my ABV3. I’ve used it for their concert Jan 2019, it was perfectly fine. Then late 2019 I wanted to decorate it so I glued on glitter on the exterior of ABV3. Since then, the bluetooth mode has stopped working. I’ve seen videos of Armys glueing crystals onto their ABV3 as well but it worked perfectly in the end. It’s such a pity! I hope like you said this is an extra special ABV3 that still connects to bluetooth despite it not lighting blue. I’m keeping my expectations little to none as I wait for tomorrow.

    By the way, thank you so much for promptly replying. I really appreciate it!


  2. Yeonki Min

    I’m scrambling to fix my army bomb before Bang Bang Con 😦 I read your post on fixing the army bomb by inserting extra cushion for the batteries. I haven’t seen an issue like mine and am disappointed that I may never fix it TT


      1. Yeonki Min

        When I switched it to bluetooth mode, a white light comes on instead of the blue light. I’m using a Samsung S9 and updated the app a few days ago but it doesn’t detect the army bomb. I can’t say if it’s an app problem for me since my army bomb isn’t functioning correctly for it to be detected by the app. I tried the cushion padding method but it didn’t work for me.


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