Let Go by BTS Revelation

So it HIT ME! When I clicked the schedule button to post The Challenge of Letting Go, I realized the PERFECT title track for that ramble is Let Go by BTS.

Now, it makes totally perfect sense why I would always cry during that song, why I’d always belt out the chorus with a shaky voice.  It’s because I’ve always had a hard time letting go (people, things, thoughts, etc.).  Although the lyrics are in Japanese, the emotion is the same and the resonance is overwhelming.

“I gotta let you know that I need to let you go
Hard to say goodbye
But I won’t run away
I’m ready to let go”

The song acknowledges how difficult it is to let go but there’s the determination to face it.  The clear resolve would always make me tear up because I didn’t have it, but I desperately wanted it.  I wanted to move past the pain of letting go and live with the decision comfortably, without regret.

If I had to make the decision to let go, my spirit would fight it.  My mind would give me reasons why I should stay:

“Where and what are you doing now
Who is on your mind while we’re far apart
Living without you is already unbelievable”

My body just understood the depression and anxiety I’d experience and would try to avoid it, almost like self-preservation. 

As I eluded to in my previous post, letting go is way more complex than mere action.  It’s the thought, emotion, planning, and uncertainty of the future.  The person in the lyrics is thinking of what to say, what to write, of their emotions.  It isn’t an easy hurdle to just condense to, “I let it go,” or “I walked away.” There’s a void, there’s a separate path and you remember it and have to come to terms with it.  If you think of the stages of grief, how tumultuous it is, that’s all the effort and energy one has to make towards letting go of something.

And the song mentions that the person’s mindset may never be the same, which is true! You are guided and transformed by your experiences and decisions made within those moments.  You won’t be as innocent or naive as before, perhaps even jaded, and the prospect of losing that joy is scary.  This thought is deceptive though, because there’s nothing to say the future won’t be good.

And the thoughts! I’m always in my head, dissecting things, analyzing what could be, can I just return to what was, and this person in the song does THE SAME!

“But I’m unable to forget
It’s burned into my mind like a tattoo
We can’t return to that time, huh”

And reminders of what was left behind are difficult to ignore, especially while grieving.

“The color of the sky that we both watched
The scent of the path we both were on
Don’t forget them”

This song is stellar and also bittersweet because I immediately understood the emotions behind the melody.  There’s not a single person alive that can’t relate to having to let go and the grief that comes with it.  It’s such a hard fight.  It’s impressive that BTS, yet again, created such a beautiful and relatable song.  It’s almost comforting, the acknowledgement of these shared feelings.  It shows we’re not alone.

Hope you enjoyed.

Stay Fighting!

Lyrics from ColorCodedLyrics.com

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