The Fix Doesn’t Work…Aaaand?

It’s no surprise that I see y’all hitting up my ARMY Bomb Fix post.  It was always my intention to help by providing as much information as possible.  When I went to Love Yourself Tour and visited the Help Desk, I just HAD to share how they fixed my lightstick.

I’m basically a Help Desk at my job and you won’t believe how many people contact me with simply, “This doesn’t work.” It’s hard to help when there’s no additional information and it’s hella difficult prying information from the user so that they can RECEIVE help.

I don’t pretend to know everything about the Army lightstick, of course not! But my basic instinct is to help as many of the fam as possible, IF possible.  I don’t want anyone with a lightstick to miss out on the concert experience during Bang Bang Con.

SO! If you attempted the ARMY Bomb Fix and it’s not working, please share what you did.  If there’s an error or missing details in my post (which is possible), please help me find it by giving clarification as to how you followed the instructions in the Fix post.  I’ll update the post and include credits.  Refining the post is a collaborative effort, where your experience (clarification) is passed forward to enrich the lives of other ARMY.  Let’s make sure the fix is accurate for the HUNDREDS of people that land on the page.

Side Note:  I have a dear ARMY friend that mentioned the updated Lightstick app wasn’t working properly on her Samsung phone when it worked fine before the update.  This could be a factor in why the bluetooth connection may not be “working.” But, I’d need details like this LOL!

It’ll also satisfy my curiosity because (SWEAR!) the Help Desk rep literally had a sheet of black adhesive cushion dots in front of him, drew the battery cage out, attached the dot the bottom of the cage, and then screwed the end of the stick back together.  He spent more time joking around with bro in the back, that he was more impressed with his goofing off skills than fixing ARMY Bombs.

Help ALL OF US and please…give the deets LOL!

Stay Fighting!

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Owner of Transformation ATTACK Blog and writer of the ways in which she learns to enjoy life by embracing herself: her strangeness, uniqueness, weirdness, introverted-ness, and other unattractive things. Life can be fun!

7 Responses

  1. Kim

    I’ve used my bomb one time at the concert, and now the bluetooth mode doesn’t work anymore. The blue light of bluetooth mode is still on, but it cannot connect to self mode on the lightstick app or connect to lightstick on weverse and bangbangcon.
    So do you have any idea on how to fix it? I appreciate for your help 💜


  2. hi! I’m really out of my wits with this one, I’ve used my army bomb once and it was working fine with the Bluetooth and everything and that was about a year ago. Now I’ve taken it out to use it for bangbangcon but it doesn’t flicker blue at all when i switch it to bluetooth, even when i changed the batteries I’m unable to connect it even in self-mode.
    Do you have any idea why this may be happening or how to fix it? 😭


  3. I was able to use my army bomb for one concert, no issues! Today I brought it back out for bang bang con and was devastated. I googled every hack, battery, and Bluetooth fix possible. It just isn’t turning on! My batteries were low when I brought it out, so I switched them. After multiple switches, the lightstick still did not turn on, it was upsetting. Now, I’m missing bang bang con after turning the house upside down for any possible batteries. I tried pushing up the battery pack, as well as reinstalling the app. The lightstick just does not turn on.


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