Review: The Space Kitten Removes ALL!

Ya’ll, I wrote this up a year ago and my devotion to Space Kitten by I Dew Care, a Memebox USA product, is still going strong.  This was also supposed to be my first kbeauty review, LMAO!  There’s still PAH-LENT-TEE more kbeauty reviews (as worn by a silky caramel toned black girl).  Don’t worry, they won’t all be from Memebox. #OGKbeautyObsessed

Disclaimer:  Reader beware! I’ve included EXPLICIT photos of how well the mask works.  The slideshow auto-loops through the photos (and I don’t see where to change it!) so there’s a chance you may not be able to avoid seeing THE GUNK.  Either leave now at your own discretion or view the slideshow AT YOUR OWN RISK! *CACKLES!*

And now, for your reading pleasure, my IN-DEPTH review of Space Kitten!

Of all the kbeauty to review first (LIES!), I chose I Dew Care’s Space Kitten, a product line of Memebox USA.

I pretty much do a quarterly purge, that’s how much kbeauty I collect and no matter what new peel-away products I use, I ALWAYS go back to Space Kitten *que Voyage to Atlantis by The Isley Brothers.*  Although Memebox gets on my last nerves with their incessant rebranding, (Don’t get me started on them destroying their previous retail store (>.<)!) I can’t deny, Space Kitten is tha shit.

I had been searching for a peel-away mask that would fulfill it’s promise to remove impurities, cause ya girl got large pores.  They just wanna collect everything without fail.  There were sooooo many masks to chose from, mainly from China, and my own search gave me duds:  nose stripes that didn’t adhere well, multi-step masks that took too long to apply and would give average results.  By the time I came across Space Kitten, I had used practically everything I had came across PLUS their entire peel-off mask set was $30 bucks; I said HELL YES!

Packaging and Consistency

The product is potted in a flat-top jar, which gets to be a pain to twist close when product dries around the edges.  It’s quality sealed on the box and on the jar, and it comes with a separate rubber seal to help keep the product from drying out. No mini applicator was included, which is usually standard with potted kbeauty products.

The mask is deep black with glitter, so if you shine a light on the product, it’ll sparkle pretty shades of silver, pink and blue.  The consistency is like glue, gelatinous but with a thinner texture.  At first use, the product will be like this and even run loosely when some of the product is lifted from the jar, but it will get thicker over time as the the product starts to dry out with age.  When the mask is applied, it’s very shiny and may feel thick but it’ll dry matte and lose mass so that it’s paper-thin as opposed to gunky.


Please, believe me when I tell you, Space Kitten is ONLY FOR THE T-ZONE.  Don’t be that person slathering it all over your face and eyebrows like some of these beauty bloggers on YouTube.  The product directions even state it’s FOR THE T-ZONE; otherwise, you will pull EVERYTHING off your face, like a life-grip, and it will hurt like hell (or…just wash it off lol).

Use a spatula to remove the product from the jar, then apply the mask over the t-zone (nose, including area under the eyes, bridge of the nose and partial forehead).  Then use fingers to smooth the product where it should dry.  It takes, for me, up to 30 minutes to dry although the directions say 20 minutes (swear! I’m not putting on a ton of product!).

When the mask is dry, it should no longer feel sticky, but smooth and paper-thin.  Pull the edges of the mask beneath the nostrils upwards towards your forehead.  You may be used to removing a peel-away mask from right to left or vice versa, but peeling a t-zone mask upwards will remove much more debris. Now MARVEL at the gunk pulled from your pores!…or from mine! VIEWER BEWARE! XD!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve tried a lot of peel-away masks, especially t-zone related, in my day, but this one is by far THE most satisfying:

  1. Works in just ONE step, no sebum oil, no pre-mask.  Just make sure your face is clean!
  2. It’s easy to apply and it washes away with warm water from applicators and hands.
  4. Peeling it away gives minimal irritation
  5. The mask ALWAYS pulls sebum out, much, much, much, much, much-much-much more than I could’ve asked for.

This mask never disappoints…unless:

  1. Applying it all over the face or over hair, like eyebrows, mustache, beard, or any unwanted hair, will hurt like hell to remove.  Don’t do this!
  2. Applying a layer of product that is waaaaay too thick.  Eventually, you will sweat through it as you wait an hour (or never) for it to dry, whereby holes form in the mask and it will tear apart while being peeled off, leaving sebum behind
  3. Waiting for the mask to dry in a humid climate is impossible
  4. Removing the mask before it’s completely dry will take more effort to remove, tear the mask apart, and leave sebum behind

Besides the jar, the last thing I will say that I dislike about this product is that the sparkles do get in the way of seeing all the debris removed from the t-zone.  Each time I use the mask, I evaluate the small debris like is that sebum, dead skin or a speck of glitter? Otherwise, I love this stuff!

Space Kitten is HIGHLY recommended, especially if you have large pores like me.  It’s easy to use and reliable as long as it’s applied according to the directions.  Follow up using the mask by applying something that will condition your pores.  Guuuurl, your nose is gonna look and feel smooth. ^_-!

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Stay Fighting, witcho baaaad self!


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