I’mma Bang Bang Con Reject

Y’all, I’mma keep it real…

I’mma Bang Bang Con Reject. I didn’t make it through 24-hours worth of concert footage and I’m fine with it LOL!

I make no qualms about being in my thirties, hell, I’ve written that all over my blog. What I can’t seem to come to grips with is…homegirl can’t hang all night.

YES! I’m a night owl till about 1 AM, maybe 1:30 AM at the most then I need to go to bed. Staying up 12-hours until noon the NEXT DAY isn’t one of my superpowers.

Omg, can we admit it’s no fun seeing perfectly good nighttime sleeping conditions slip from your grasp with the slow creep of sunshine crossing your windows and with the increasingly booming cheerfulness of tweeting birds outside? Yes, I meant for it to sound dreadful. Can’t sleep to the call of the morning!

So, when news of Bang Bang Con was released along with Big Hit waving the ARMY Bomb connection in my face, I believed I could do anything to experience the entire 12-hour concert LOL! Guess what I did do, tapped out an hour before The Red Bullet Tour (The WHOLE reason I was trying hard to stay up on day 1! (*>д<)) and slept in till midnight the same day, then I caught some of the Wings tour and all of 4th Muster (only cause by Day 2, my sleep rhythm was hella off and I couldn’t go back to sleep). I think I caught some of Love Yourself too before I said eff it and took some melatonin LOL!

Bruh, thinking on Reflection, why does RM make such heartbreaking songs knowing he has to sing them on tour? I truly sympathize because the emotion is the song is so raw that there’s no way he’s not reliving those feelings with each stage. I cried with him ( ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ ).

There was a little bit of an internal struggle. I thought:

“You’re ARMY! You can do this!”

“Don’t give up now or you’ll miss out!”

“What about seeing all of BTS’ special messages they promised us?”

But…in essence, these are just recordings Big Hit is allowing us to watch for free on an authorized service with a synchronized ARMY Bomb flashing a rainbow color pattern LOL! Once I remembered I’ve been with The Boys since 2017 and have had two ARMY memberships, I was like who cares what people think or my silly negative feelings judging me for wanting to catch some sleep, my ARMY status is still valid and I LOVE BTS! I’ll catch the recordings y’all KNOW will be EVERYWHERE LOL!

YO! I ain’t NEVAH crashed so hard from sleep deprivation on a Monday. The day didn’t even exist, that’s just how powered down I was. Omg, it was the PITS! LOL!

Granted, I totally understand this experience was many ARMY’s first true concert experience and I appreciate that. In fact, I truly believe this experience was mostly for them (and just a little bit of tiding over Map of the Soul Tour ticket holders due to the pandemic). I’m hella glad many new and tenured ARMY got to enjoy Bang Bang Con.


With what little I caught, I did have some takeaways which made me love BTS more:

  • The ARMY Bomb would turn purple during ments and special footage. It really made me burn with ARMY pride and I’m sure it was BTS and Big Hit saying that they love us back.

Also! What other idol group and entertainment company is legitimately, philosophically and psychologically teaching their fandom HOW TO LOVE during times where love is needed more than ever?! None. They’re the GOAT!

  • Speaking of ARMY Bomb, even though the Bomb cycled through the colors of the rainbow, I had a HUUUUGE burst of energy on only four hours of sleep when it was on (once I got it to finally work (-_-)). It got me dancing and cheering much more than before (and it could’ve been that my determination paid off and I was just celebrating that the damn thing was on LOL!). I’m sure this was the engagement Big Hit intended (ღゝ◡╹)


  • The personal messages BTS recorded in between concerts were adorable and yes, not only did I do my stretches but I also took Jin’s behavioral cues (cause Big Hit didn’t translate NOTHIN!) and bought the special edition Map of the Soul lightstick LOL!
  • Stage cameramen have had a come up! There were cameras panning EVERYWHERE in HYYH on Stage and HYYH: Epilogue as if they didn’t know where to focus! I wanted to see the full OT7 formation in Butterfly and the cameraman was like NOPE! Second time around we got a GLIMPSE! But Wings and 4th Muster were juuuust right LOL!
  • I TOTALLY loved seeing all the representation on the LCD screens behind BTS during Miss Right but I ESPECIALLY loved the black kinky haired girl! #SheBeMe
  • Nevermind was on EVERYTHING during HYYH era, so I can see now why Jimin got that word tattooed on him. It definitely has very strong significance for him let alone his 3rd Muster stage (Also, I think JK had something to do with it being the tattoo-head he is *shhhhh*).



  • It was amazing to see physically how and hear vocally how BTS matured. It was like seeing the growth I missed out on because I wasn’t a fan of theirs until later in their career. Ain’t gonna lie, the sexy choreo during HYYH had me cringing. They looked like babies! I kept going, “NOOOO! I dun wanna!” (;´Д`).

Cause I’m weird like this and know the feeling very well, I thought BTS is gonna look back at these concerts and GO, “Damn I was pretty slick back then.” You know like older people talk about their aesthetics like “You couldn’t tell me nothin!” They’re also gonna be like how the hell was I ever that small cause teenage and 20s weight is NOTHING like 30s+ weight LOL!

  • I didn’t believe ARMY’s interpretation of the 4th Muster VCRs but…BTS really did get high on their own supply! I mean, Jin didn’t mean to, he was just an accidental overdose, but Hobi and the rest of The Boys TOT-TAH-LEE did! LOL! I’d flippin love a pic of Jin trippin with alpacas around him if any of you have it 💜!

The BIGGEST takeaway is that millions of ARMY got to celebrate together. #BangBangCon was trending, friends were posting pictures of themselves with their Bombs, snacks and soju. ARMY were checking on each other like “Did you make it?!” There was a lot of love being shown all around and I think that’s most important. I’ve never felt so much love from a group, including ARMY, that I’ve never met but the feeling was genuinely there.


That’s it for this super long post! I hope you enjoyed reliving some moments with me. Post what you loved most about Bang Bang Con below in the comments (I wanna relive your moments tooooooo! (*˘︶˘*).:*♡) and don’t forget to like the post!

Borahae and Stay Fighting 💜

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