Rude Cosmetics Annoyed Rant

Begin Rant

What does any normal person do when panicking in quarantine? That’s right, buy a shitload of cosmetics.

I’ve never purchased from, I’ve only bought a few of their products from YesStyle and Dolls Kill. The selection on their home site is bomb. Their quality control sucks.

YES, YES, Y’ALL! I opened two of my 11 item haul and there was CLEARLY something wrong with almost all of them.

For starters, their Goodnight Coconut Lip Sleeping Pack, the one they market as made in Korea for use Kbeauty heads, something I was hella looking forward to, leaked. Not only did it leak, no I couldn’t be as fortunate, it also has TWO HAIRS on the lip applicator!

That’s not all. The Notorious Liquid Lip Color in Evil Deed has A HAIR stuck on the applicator that was ridin’ dirty in the lip color aaaaaaall the way from the shipping warehouse.


Now, I’m forced to contact Rude Cosmetic’s customer service and ask for replacements cause I can’t help thinking either the manufacturer doesn’t give a whole fuck about my health or somebody dabbled in both items and the company couldn’t help trying to pawn the used items off on me. I mean, the graphic scenarios, other than those two, that my mind is producing is ENDLESS!

But wait! THERE’S MORE! Aaaaall of the Notorious matte lip colors that I bought give the appearance of being tampered with. Now, if you’ve ever shopped for lip colors at a convenience store in the US, then you know these companies don’t give a damn bout no tamper-proof packaging. You’ve gonna risk looking like a CULPRIT to open a lip color JUST to make sure it doesn’t look like someone stabbed the applicator back into the container forty-million times.


And that’s the issue. My long history with terrible packaging not only wisened me, but it got me side-eying the specks of lip color caught between the container and the nozzle the applicator slides through. When has packaging looked so messy the day it’s manufactured? Why is no one in quality control going, “this looks nasty like someone opened it already.”

I added the above cause I don’t know wtf is happening.

Bruh. I can’t with this brand. I was hella excited too because I wanna relive the old days when Nyx was known as the super pigmented cheap makeup brand, and Rude is pretty close to modeling that in my opinion, but I never had an issue with Nyx and their ridiculous packaging of old, that’s for sure!

I’mma let this brand rest…alone…for a while. Originally, I bought the Goodnight Sleeping pack with full intentions of reviewing it here. I still want to, with the other unsuspicious lip care items I bought. Let’s see how it goes!

End Rant.

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Owner of Transformation ATTACK Blog and writer of the ways in which she learns to enjoy life by embracing herself: her strangeness, uniqueness, weirdness, introverted-ness, and other unattractive things. Life can be fun!

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