Let’s Vent About Belligerent People in The Pandemic

Let’s rant vent about belligerent people in The Pandemic (The Age of COVID-19).

The way PAR-TI-CU-LAR citizens *squints* and government officials in The United States are handling The Pandemic has got me heated!

Before I begin venting, just know that these thoughts are my very honest opinion.  My opinions are not fact, they do not require you to agree.  There are times in which my disappointment can cloud my judgment and cause me to be overly critical (Point is, I ain’t perfect y’all); Nevertheless, I need to unload my aggravation.  This is gonna be a long one.


There are two types of people living in The Pandemic, belligerent people (blatant fools) and well-meaning people. Most people fall into the latter.  They are trying their best but sometimes they forget to not touch their face or nose, to leave their face mask alone while wearing it, still visit loved ones when they should be social distancing, etc.  Little nuances that just aren’t apparent at first.  I get it.  Habits are difficult little suckers and generally take time to change them, not in the split-second the novel coronavirus appeared.  Well-meaning people are finding ways to navigate this new way of life to the point that they are mentally fighting with themselves to stay indoors and it’s causing anxiety, depression, and other cognitively exhausting realities.  Nevertheless, well-meaning people are doing their part to protect themselves, loved ones and the public the best way they can.  This group are my peoples.

The group I CAN-NOT get with, let alone comprehend, are the ones being selfish, petulant, and entitled about changing their habits for the good of the public.  They’re deliberately not wearing face masks, the simplest form of public protection that an individual can use, and are threatening politicians, businesses, and front-line workers when asked to do so (See CBSN Pittsburg, CNN, Chicago Sun Times, hell just google face mask threats!).  Someone has already been killed over this.  Thousands of these people are protesting in the streets and government sites (Yes, even in my home state of Ohio) with pickets and rifles, clearly breaking their state’s law to stay-at-home AND for illegally protesting without a permit. They’re aggressive and unruly and they are not being arrested.  They’re actually being heard by aaaaall the media and by the governors that are supposed to protect us (Newsweek):

“My Body, My Choice!”

“I Need a Hair Cut!”

“Coronavirus is a Hoax!”

“Let My People Golf!”

“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!”

 “Arbeit Mach Frei, JB” (‘Work Sets You Free,’ propaganda from AUSCHWITZ directed at the Governor who is Jewish!)

Look, I’m currently on a work-share program at a golf course cause if I quit, my employer has to report me to unemployment! I can tell you these big spenders can save their money and save a life with their wretched entitled attitudes!

Let’s be HELLA CLEAR, this is all PROPAGANDA! It’s sickening that someone just disrespected survivors and the memory of those lost in the Holocaust by using the Auschwitz concentration camp (where over 1 million people lost their lives) propaganda to influence the public into detrimental thinking! People have and will die from the novel coronavirus and some of these self-absorbed protesters already have! How insane is it that an average person is using propaganda to be allowed to do the most mundane, asinine things? Further! I don’t even know where to begin with using a pro-choice slogan, something said for decades to politicians and men to stop policing female bodies and behaving as if they own women, as a means to walk among immunocompromised people and purposefully spread COVID-19.  The minds on these mofos are frightening.

Speaking of messages, what’s with insinuating that older people are ready to die for the economy? And what’s with this whole restart the economy bullshit in order to live? If we’re dead, what good is the economy for the individual that died? What good is the economy if there is a shortage of people to work? Isn’t human life the most important thing? When it comes down to it, they’re the reason any business even makes money, so invest IN people, not risk their lives. 

What essentially angers me about this situation isn’t just the belligerent people and their skewed justification for disposing of human life. It’s that politicians are treating them with care, the most counter-productive decision that is clearly OPPOSITE of their efforts to protect the public! Several state governors, (yes, including my home state of Ohio) have said along the lines that we hear you and customers will not be mandated to wear face coverings at any business, whereby jeopardizing the health of “essential” workers (quotations cause when did businesses ever treat these workers as essential before? They would’ve PAID and TREATED them this way if that was the case!) that are notoriously underpaid (How ridiculous is this?!).  What is difficult about standing firm against these irate, radical, neo-nazi, terrorists to emphasize that what they’re doing will increase the rate of infection and the number of deaths from COVID-19, the very thing most governors are working hard to avoid; Hence, stay-at-home orders.  Yet, their message isn’t being suppressed.  No one is creating an intervention to calm these crazies.  In fact, NYC law enforcement is enabling this behavior by casually handing out face masks to people sunbathing in close proximity to each other! You know, just in case they wanna wear at least SUMTHIN!

I hadn’t called RACISM yet because I just wanted to focus on my disgust for belligerent peoples’ logic during a death riddled pandemic, but it’s hard to ignore that most of the people causing the BIGGEST fuss are white and white presenting.  I’m HELLA mad at the three black people involved in the shooting of a security guard over a face mask and I’m HELLA taken aback that it even happened as there are black folk who are concerned they will be mistaken as a threat for just wearing a mandated face covering (I can imagine how much worse things may be for people that wear religious and cultural garb that cover their face and hair during a time people are angry about face coverings.  There was already enough prejudice to begin with.).  And you can bet your ass that any predominantly black and brown protest, not EVEN outfitted with guns, would’ve been messily disbursed with police in riot gear.  A few people would’ve been manhandled and arrested.

The truth is that the novel coronavirus is not going anywhere and we have to gain herd immunity to suppress the deadliness of the virus.  This will take a vaccine and effective medical treatment, which may not exist for 12 to 18-months according to Mayo Clinic’s vaccine development timeline.  It’s very important that during this time we work together.  There shouldn’t be any threats, no one should have a destructive mindset or sudden leniency on the value of life.  People should be working together to ensure we can survive this pandemic and depend on each other to get through the hard work and the grief over those we have lost.  The horrific, torturous way in which COVID-19 kills people isn’t a hoax. No one should be sacrificing ANYONE for a friggin hair cut.  Breaking the law made as a means to protect everyone and violent, aggressive behavior is unacceptable. The dismissive attitude of these belligerent people is wrong-it’s incredibly disrespectful and our governing entity needs to put a stop to it.

Also, well-meaning people shouldn’t have to undergo the stress of upholding civilization.  How unfair that we have to bear the anger of stupid people.  How unfair that we have to be fearful one of them will shoot up a grocery store or retailer over a simple face mask.  How unfair that first-line “essential” employees have to risk their lives because governors don’t want to tell these belligerent people to sit down.  And, how unfair is it that we’ll still be expected to think clearly and do what is right.  I’m sure that’s what these governors want, for us to be the ones to outnumber the idiots.  And when this is all over, just forget that we’re still among them.  In fact, we’re to not give a second thought to repopulating with intelligent children in a world that’s upside-down.  That’s not reciprocation and it’s a heavy expectation. We don’t even want to enable these weirdos, let along be in a world like this, yet the wrong group of people are being satiated and we’re just expected to play along at our own risk.

All I can say is, y’all need to be ready to vote for the survival of well-meaning people.  These belligerent, blatant fools will not further the human race.  Don’t forget to request your absentee ballot if your state doesn’t automatically mail it to you (looking at you Ohio).  Please take this seriously and not be compliant.

End Rant

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