BTS Said Black Lives Matter!

I was just writing up a post at 1 AM (cause yes, I’m that stressed) about my take on the unrest in the kpop community over their idols’ silence regarding their stance with Black Lives Matter (BLM). But something amazing happened, BTS posted their alliance with BLM and the value of life, the lives of each of their fans.

Swear, I had the BEST sense of relief. It was like a breath of air that I didn’t realize I was holding in from the anxiety of why won’t BTS, one of THE most outspoken kpop groups (that built their platform speaking up about various social causes) hadn’t said anything. Hell, RM collaborated with Wale on the single “Change.” It’s literally a song on police brutality, judicial corruption and racism.

But now they’ve spoken and I’m ecstatic. The love they shared means so much to me after so much hurting. I’m more than glad to revise my post. The extra work is appreciation.

AND I feel the vindication coursing through my body. All the antis, the people who didn’t want to acknowledge BTS’ role in changing people’s mindset, their role in spreading love globally, the same antis who said it’s not BTS or any idol’s place to speak on BLM (an only State-side issue in their opinion), ones that are saying without iterating it that their privilege not care about the issue outweights the fact people of color are being brutally murdered for any excuse under the sun, can eat ev-er-ry crumb of BTS’ tweet and the dozens more from Korean born and raised idols in support of BLM.

This goes to show that BLM is about protecting human life which is a humanity issue, not an American issue. Hopefully, they’ll reconsider their opposition to supporting BLM; otherwise, good riddance. They’re just holding back necessary change.


Stay Fighting 💜

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