I’m Making Some Adjustments…

Have you noticed the ads? Sorry to spring them on you.

The purpose of this blog is to share first-hand, real-life experiences on how to self-love and live life happily.  I couldn’t even imagine having ads in the way of that message.  The reader’s experience and whatever help they can get from this blog means so much.  Of course, removing ads isn’t the reason most people pay for the premium package on WordPress LOL!

Transformation ATTACK! has been around for two years (Not including my inactive state for two years prior, lol!) and during that time the blog has attracted over 9,000 visitors without proper marketing (I made absolutely no money from the blog).  Honestly, I was and still am terrified of being seen. But, after seeing the number of visitors and views on my blog over the years, I’ve come to the realization that I could perhaps take this blog further.  I’m posting so much about my personal transformations, why limit myself if I don’t have to?

So! You’ll see more changes like the ads, such as possible affiliate links, and hopefully, review sponsorship.  Don’t worry, I’ll be completely upfront about it.  I really want you to trust and continue to enjoy this blog.  There’ll also be much more content *prays to the gods to give her focus, determination, and endurance* most likely on a schedule and some reorganization.

Y’all, foreal, I’m terrified.  This is a HUGE adjustment, not only for this blog but for ME! Vulnerability isn’t easy and it causes me a lot of anxiety.  I’m scared that the more people see this blog, the more they’ll dislike it.  Maybe visitors will openly shame me.

But…what do I know if I don’t take risks?

I hope you’ll continue this journey with me!

Stay Fighting! 💜

About Crystal

Owner of Transformation ATTACK Blog and writer of the ways in which she learns to enjoy life by embracing herself: her strangeness, uniqueness, weirdness, introverted-ness, and other unattractive things. Life can be fun!

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