We’re Having Music Video Raves on Weverse!

BigHit said with their whole chest that ARMY can sync the Version 3 and Special Edition ARMY Bombs to Weverse when watching music videos.  Bet we’re raving and creating our own social distancing light ocean! LOL!

This is a very pleasant surprise because not only can we sync our ARMY Bombs in support of The Boys whenever we watch a music video on Weverse, but also because I was only looking forward to a similar announcement in time for Bang Bang Con: The Live! LOL!

If you’re having issues activating the Bluetooth mode on your Version 3 ARMY Bomb , check out the fix the Help Desk performed to my ARMY Bomb at the Love Yourself concert in ChicagoThis only works if your ARMY Bomb doesn’t consistently flash blue when Bluetooth mode is turned on.  Meaning, if you’ve damaged the internal mechanics in anyway (dropped too many times, soaked in water, etc.), this fix won’t work.

If you want a taste of what it’s like to sync your ARMY Bomb to Weverse and rave in the wee hours of the morning, check out my experience during Bang Bang Con.  There’s also an overview of connecting the ARMY Bomb to Weverse.

Maybe you’re curious about the Special Edition Map of the Soul Light Stick? I’ve got you covered.

This is EXCITING! I hope you follow this blog for more BTS and lifestyle related posts as I learn the meaning of enjoying life.  I’m definitely going to give my take on Bang Bang Con: The Live and my third FESTA!

Stay Fighting! 💜


About Crystal

Owner of Transformation ATTACK Blog and writer of the ways in which she learns to enjoy life by embracing herself: her strangeness, uniqueness, weirdness, introverted-ness, and other unattractive things. Life can be fun!

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