The Roaring 20s: A Pandemic Interruption

Despite the fact that in each century, per memes, the 20s brought death and destruction, I’m optimistic that 2020 will be a great year for me! *All Might voice* Why? Cause I’ve set new goals!

Credit: Netmarble, BTSWorld

Namjoon the Actor

Time to share more vivid dreams! *Cheers!* OH! Trigger warning: this dream involves…muuuuurdeeeeer.  It’s kinda gruesome.  ONWARD!

MOTS7 USA Stops Postponed!

I’m relieved that I don’t have to make the decision to stay home and lose money, and I don’t have to side-eye ARMY that went to see the boys anyway.

BTS “Tour” 2020???

This better be a legit tour teaser. I can’t be looking like no 🤡 right before the New Roaring Twenties! Also some reminders for the overzealous 😒