Update (˃̵͈᷄⌓˂̵͈᷅)

I knoooooow! There’s no SY update yet, but it’s comin. Also lightweight embarrassed by the lack of footage, but I was. Getting. My. Life!

Transformation updates in tow! I kinda passive aggressively acted out at my job and I also lost 17 pounds using intermittent fasting (but mostly from illness)! It’s not good but I’m still excited! YAAAAY!

Plus, ya girl keeps buying BTS merch and kbeauty, so I need to share it with somebody (ᵒ̴̶̷᷄ωᵒ̴̶̷᷅*•) )੭⁾⁾

I’ll post as quickly as I can…prolly without obsessive proofreading LOL!