Can I Rant Bout Agust D, Please?

I need to rant about Agust D! I was not prepared for D-2. Who would be for such a ingeniously produced album? I’m pressed for this man! UGH!

Let Go by BTS Revelation

So it HIT ME! When I clicked the schedule button to post The Challenge of Letting Go, I realized the PERFECT title track for that ramble is Let Go by BTS.

The Challenge of Letting Go

Throughout my blog, I’ve expressed how I’m working towards living honestly, without regrets, to fulfill my desire to be happy. How can I fulfill this desire without taking chances? This includes letting go.

MOTS7 USA Stops Postponed!

I’m relieved that I don’t have to make the decision to stay home and lose money, and I don’t have to side-eye ARMY that went to see the boys anyway.

Confessions: Two Personalities

I have two distinctly different personalities wrecking my heart.  One is of love, the other isn’t.  Out of self-preservation, I’m questioning whether I ever knew myself or if I’ve just accepted the person I’ve become.