Experience: They Could’ve Died

Something that just doesn’t fit into my upcoming post on my vacation in Chicago happened on the very last day there.

I had to drop my mom and her sister off at our uncle’s house. My mom decided to stay behind to help him as he has dementia. My aunt wanted to pay a visit before catching her flight home.

On our way, I had the worst time finding the correct exit. I made an abrupt lane change at the fork…twice. It’s hard for me to tell which exit sign aligned with the lanes. Luckily, traffic was very light as we were nearest the Indiana State line on a Sunday afternoon, and it was very lucky for a certain van that we were headed in the same direction.

We were maybe 10 minutes away from my Uncle’s house when I saw a van move ahead of us from my right peripheral. I thought nothing of it since traffic was light and the van wasn’t doing anything alarming until it traveled across all three lanes of traffic, hit the highway partition, careened back across the entire road and landed on its passenger side in a plume of dirt.

The trajectory was unbelievable, like a freak-accident depicted in movies and it was unfolding before me! Most likely the driver lost control of the van when their tire blew.  Subsequently, they hit the partition and somehow accelerated towards the brush.  It was terrifying and almost unbelievable that it was happening.  Dumbfounded, I kept murmuring “Oh shit, oh shit,” until my mom and aunt finally saw the van crash.

My aunt immediately demanded that I pull over.  My mom was in chorus.  I navigated around the debris of a hub cap, metal, rubber and glass.  Before I could park my car, my aunt catapulted out of the backseat and ran towards the van through the thicket.  I called 911 and handed my mom the phone so I could give my aunt back-up.  My friend stayed behind to help my mom.

The weeds were tall and scratchy, surrounding everything.  My aunt was moving so fast, I couldn’t keep up.  I briefly saw the shattered windshield push outward as the driver was trying to get out.  My aunt was already barehandedly pulling back the shattered windshield by the time I got close enough, and the driver emerged from the wreckage.

The driver was covered in blood: head, mouth, arms, legs and glass wounds all over.  According to my aunt, the driver had a large swelling on their forehead, most likely from hitting their head on something.  But, they were mostly coherent.  They walked about, stood for the majority of the time and even washed off some of their wounds with a water bottle handed to them! The van was totaled, but they kept saying they had to go back as if they needed to complete their route.  My aunt had to tell them multiple times they couldn’t go back into the van and that they needed to stay still so as not to aggravate their injuries.

My aunt was awesome.  She took the person aside and explained some things separately, away from earshot…or was it that I was still alarmed so most sounds were drowned out? Other drivers that pulled over with us to help came and went.  A tow truck driver, educated in Department of Transporation regulations, took over before the ambulance arrived.

The driver was very grateful and tried to thank my aunt who didn’t think much about her heroic feat.  I even thanked her.  I would’ve been lost without her.  She quickly jumped into action, knew what to say and do and was completely selfless.  By the end of it, she had a small cut on her hand and glass on her clothes, and her flight was still later that evening!  I couldn’t be more proud of my aunt.

When I reflect on what happened, I realize I’m not a selfless person.  So many thoughts crossed my mind as the accident unfurled, shameful thoughts encouraging me to stay safe.   So, I didn’t move as quickly as my aunt and it disappoints me that I was so hesitant.  Bottom line, it wasn’t about me.  The person could’ve died.

But, it was fate we were there exactly as the crash occurred.  We, my aunt, were meant to be there.  If I continued on the wrong exit, we would’ve missed it all, and my selfless aunt wouldn’t have been there.  No one else was with her to pull back the windshield.  Most stayed on the sidelines to safely call the police.  One driver mentioned something disparaging as I headed after my aunt.

This experience, and my aunt’s actions, have taught me to work on myself more; not the cliche that life is not guaranteed, but that my actions matter the most while I’m living.  And if love is the most powerful force on this planet,  I should’ve been ready to share it selflessly.


🔥The Reemergence of Sweaty Joooooooon!🔥

Y’all. Sweaty Joon made another appearance at Lotte DutyFree Family Concert! Check on Namjoon stans cause he’s killing us out here! I haven’t even made it back from my trip and I’ve expired.💀👻 #EndRant

#Lies Click and Perish with me!

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Experience: Friendship Weekend…A Week Later

This weekend, I’ll hopefully be getting my ever-loving life in Chicago for Friendship Weekend, part 2.

Yes, the actual nationally recognized Friendship Weekend was last weekend, but who’s really keeping track? It just so happened that my mom, along with a couple of her closest friends, wanted this weekend to celebrate the friendships that they’ve held for so long over the years.  It’s so pure, so loving!

The plan is that some of us will go on excursions around Chicago, like my friend and I will visit Adler Planetarium, The Museum of Science and Industry, plus one more that my friend will decide.  I’m pretty sure a deep dish pizza may be in the future.  Some of the Friendship Weekenders may do other things like a brunch cruise off of Navy Pier or dancing in the park.  But, we’ll all come together Saturday for dinner to reminisce and enjoy each other’s company.

It just so happened that this weekend is The Bud Billiken Parade! I’m super excited to see the largest African American parade in the country.  It’s bound to fill my heart seeing so many black people loving their culture and showing their pride.

I’m ready to eat aaaaaaall the food too, digestion be damned! Ya’ll know how we do. There’s gonna be at least 40 BBQ joints and soul food restaurants out there and I need to sample it all.  I gave my friend a head’s up that I’mma be fasting at odd times, cause 1) how else am I gonna get this food in my belly? 2) how would I look fasting during dinner and a parade? (っ˘ڡ˘)っ─∈

Also, I’m looking forward to challenging myself.  I alluded to having an attitude problem and what I call mood swings in previous Transformation posts.  I’ll let the most minute thing sour my mood-truly, things no one would even notice or reasonably care about! Friendship Weekend should be awesome for everybody and I don’t want my attitude to spoil it.

I’ve learned to mentally ask myself these questions when I’m becoming frustrated:

  1. Why does it upset me?
  2. Is it worth being upset?
  3. Do I have to be involved?
  4. Can I let it go?

The purpose is to recognize when I’m letting in a big fat mood swing and acknowledge that the shift in energy is internal.  Most times, when I realize it’s not worth being upset and I don’t have to be involved, I can let the issue go.  See my assertiveness at work?! I’m also going to speak myself/be honest the entire time in hopes to stabilize my mood, and maybe deflect a mood swing or two when it starts to emerge.  Nobody wants to be cooped up in a roundtrip car ride and long weekend vacation with a Grumpy Guss (LOL)!

So lots of sightseeing, meeting new people and great food planned for this weekend of friendship, AND an excellent challenge ahead of me! I’ll give a full report after I return!

Transformations: Return to Start

Okay, okay, okay.  Enough with BTS! Lies! There’s never enough BTS, but I’ve lost sight of the purpose of this blog: to transform into someone that is uniquely and unapologetically me and to make connections with like-minded people along the way.

Sure, BTS is a HUGE part of my life, my…♪DNAAAA!♪ DNA Gif


BTS Goofy GifBTS Sexy GifBTS UN GifBTS Unicef Gif

Can you not see their magnificence?! ♡( ૢ⁼̴̤̆ ꇴ ⁼̴̤̆ ૢ)~ෆ♡

I love them so much, but this life is still my own and I need to see this transformation through! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

In order to do this, I’ve been making transformative decisions in conjunction with my Four Year Plan.

As I have mentioned before, I do live with depression and anxiety.  Many times, I avoid things outside of my comfort zone in fear of agitating these feelings.  My fears have made my life, my personal and professional growth, very stagnant.  So, I decided to face myself (will the puns ever cease?!) head-on by:

  1. Looking for a new job!

What I’ve learned is that a job can really feed on low self-esteem.  So, if you’re in a dead-end job, with no developmental opportunities, that doesn’t invest in your abilities or give you a sense of purpose, then any anxiety or depression that you have could be amplified.  It’s time to go!

I’m legit scared shitless cause I know nothing! All of these postings are like, girl, you don’t qualify. Of course, I have to make things harder by looking into a field for which I have AB-SO-EFFIN-LUTELY no experience! UGH! *throws Indeed away.  Retrieves Indeed cause that’s just stupid.* But HR Technology and Analytics here I come! (;ಥ;ω;ಥ;)

Don’t think that I’m not grateful to my employer:  my first job, the best teammates and boss, and the most work-life balance I’ll probably ever have, but administrative work is becoming obsolete.  I can no longer let the job market pass me by out of loyalty to my job.  And, how can I love myself if I won’t allow myself to grow, personally AND professionally? I want to see who I can become and be proud of it.

  1. Investing more in my health!

I’m getting too old for this shit.  As if depression and anxiety aren’t enough, I’m experiencing some crazy digestive issues that I’m having the WORST time getting treatment for.  I might be alone in this, so I’m going all the way!

To enjoy the new, fun and exciting life I’m building, I need to be healthy.  I’ve already lost 20 lbs (practically from starvation) and I’ve continued intermittent fasting (to aid incredibly slow digestion). It just makes sense with this issue to eat less and fast until a doctor will finally listen to me.

When my symptoms first appeared, I was sooooo lethargic and dizzy that I altered my vitamin regime.  It’s now:

Alive Multivitamin Woman’s Energy with B Complex

Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D3

Solgar Gentle Iron

MAN! I was like a new person! I still get lethargic, but the extra energy goes a long way.  I did cut the iron BTW cause…digestion issues.  Eventually, I will have to take it because I’ve always been a tad anemic, but I’ll take it maybe once a week.

Lastly, I needed a way to get my guts to at least gurgle, so I found some awesome exercises to aid digestion.  They’re nothing strenuous, just enough to alleviate some pressure.  And I’m still doing skincare.  I can’t wait to share my first kbeauty review! *screams*

  1. Speaking myself whenever and wherever I can!

The head of my department said I’m not assertive and that was the last straw.  I am assertive, but anxiety doesn’t allow me to show it! After 15 years on the job, no one there realizes this. And it might be because I’ll mentally revise any response (verbal, email, etc.) at least 20 times before I say or type it.  Not anymore! I’m going to speak myself (They’re in my  ♪DNAAAAA!♪  DNA Gif) by being honest and not worrying about being perceived as offensive, unintelligent, not black enough, an outspoken female, an aggressive black female, or insert any judgment that causes worrisome feelings. “What other people think of me ain’t none of my business,”(RuPaul).

Thursday, my coworker said I was “on a roll,” because I was being blunt and joking a bit too much, which is unusual.  I was less stressed from anxiety which definitely left more energy to be animated and talkative.  I told you, I’m tired of censoring myself.  This is me, baby! Enjoy! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

And I’ll still wear what I want, even at work.  I like bright colors, fun headbands and hair clips, unique earrings, and youthful clothing! I love fluffing up my afro and wearing it big! I love showing my tattoos and planning the next one.  If no one likes it, then they don’t like me and that sounds like a personal problem…which ain’t none of my business anyway.

The biggest accomplishment yet is becoming an English as a Second Language tutor.  I log into a video conferencing platform and help people around the world practice their English conversation skills.  I practically panicked out of a job for a good two months, canceling shifts out of fear, and the tiredness that my fear brought with it, but almost every student I spoke to said they were nervous too! And that put me at ease because I could sympathize and I’d never want them to feel nervous around me.

After six months of meeting people from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India, Colombia, Brazil, China, etc., I’ve started having fun talking to people, learning that although we’re from different cultures, we’re so similar in wanting to enjoy life.  We share the same feelings and desires, we just go about it differently.

Except for that Alt-Right 18-year-old from Brazil! He’s barely LIVED and he’s spouting oppressional bullshit! He can shove his copy of Trump’s Art of the Deal up his arse and try to kick rocks!  \\\\٩(๑`^´๑)۶////

Living is hard, but I’m trying to stay focused, trying to stay healthy and speak myself (♪DNAAAAA!♪ DNA Gif), remembering that life should be fun and to not take it seriously; and, that anxiety and my job shouldn’t determine my worth.  By this time next year, I hope to look back like, “Wooooooow, so much has changed.  I love me from back then, but I love me and my new life even more!” (♥ω♥ ) ~♪


Unboxening: Speak Yourself “Velcro Bag” 🙊

Yes yes yaaaaaaa’ll! Look at what I got! I couldn’t even wait until I got home to open the package! o(≧∇≦o)

It’s The BTS Speak Yourself Velcro Bag from the Japan Tour…And ain’t nothing velcro ’bout it.

Am I broke? Yup! This why I can’t pay bills?! Shonuff.

YOLO! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

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Experience: #SpeakYourselfInChicago

LAWD! This took forever to write!

I legit had… *counts*…three drafts that I scrapped.  What’s crazy is I had so much to type even though this was one night only; All I, and my bank account, had to give.  Why am I overthinking the details? LOL!

But, it’s finally here for your reading pleasure:  our crash and dash to see BTS Speak Yourself Tour in Chicago!

WARNING: This post is long and hardly edited.  I’m tired of looking at it.

When I say this was a crash and dash, I truly mean it.  My friend and I drove early morning from Cleveland, stopped by the Hello Kitty Café Truck in Westlake, then made it to Sleep Inn near Midway Airport by 2 PM on concert day.  We were on our way downtown to the BTS x Live Nation Pop-Up Shop shortly after.  Before we knew it, we were on our way home the next day.  Did we breathe? I don’t think so.

The weather in Chicago was *insert Alaska Thunderfuck voice* TERRIBLE! This wasn’t normal rain and cold, this was a cut through your bones kinda chill.  I was woefully underprepared, no thanks to checking weather reports! Sunny, they said.  ZERO chance of rain, then it rained on our way and was misty all day in Chicago.  Swear, I wanted to pack light, so I didn’t bring anything other than a thin jacket and my ballet flats.  Not only was I freezing, but I also kept stepping in puddles and mud at Soldier Field.  By the end of the night, my hands and feet could’ve been amputated.

Regardless, I had only one chance to complete my mission:

  1. Visit the BTS x Live Nation Pop-Up Shop
  2. Find Disequil Merch
  3. Buy Tour Merch
  4. Die at the Concert

I couldn’t lose!

Originally, my friend and I were to take the transit to the Pop-Up Shop, but she was gracious enough to get us a Lyft since we were an hour away by transit.  The driver was real chill and indulged my hyperactivity enough to withstand me asking if his earlobe gauges hurt (to which we learned he just increased the size today! (☉。☉)), complaining that Blueface is throwing all rappers off-beat, and asking him to cut-off a FL plated minivan trying to jump ahead of us.

Um, excuse me, this Chicago, baby! You can’t just barge in.  Fend for yourself! *Doesn’t really mean any of this since there’s hardly any traffic in Cleveland and traffic in Chicago sucks* But we had somewhere important to be! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

We get to the Pop-Up Shop and the line was hundreds of people deep, from the shop door and around an entire city block.  The only consolation was the representation of all ages, ethnicities, sizes, and gender was admirable, and they all desired to buy these overpriced designs by Live Nation.  I just wanted the free slap bracelet =P

Pop-Up Shop

My friend and I were getting out of the Lyft (I’m sure our driver misses us T.T) and I tell her, maybe we can ask for bracelets and get the hell outta here.  She told me, she’ll watch me ask LOL!

I set off to find an employee in what was an embarrassingly long amount of circling in one spot, looking confused while mumbling to myself, “I don’t see any employees! Where’s the door?! Why are there no employees?! Will people think I’m cutting the line? How can people walk into a building with only one way in and one way out, without any employees outside?! Even a club has bouncers!” Literally, the door would swing open and a select few would walk in before the door slammed shut. Did the door even have a handle?? Meanwhile, my friend is waiting against something, looking comfortable.

Then I spot him, THE ONLY representative that appeared to be working outside, complete in a personal jacket and regular looking jeans.  The walkie-talkie and him opening the exit door set my sensors off.  LOL!

“Excuse me, how long is the wait?” I was on a whole. ‘Notha. Level. My introvertedness was nowhere to be seen.

“Three hours.” THREE M-FING HOURS?! Oh hell no, we ain’t got time for that!

“Oh no! My friend and I drove all the way from Cleveland to see the concert tonight.  It starts at 7.” Pure defeatism in my body language and disappointment all over my face.

Aaaaaaaand LIFTOFF! My strange hyperactive charm engaged the employee in a conversation about the wait time, how most ARMY are finagling it, how he got the job (he knows people?!), and eventually I tell him, “I just want a slap bracelet.”

His movements were “say no more” quick.  I barely finished my sentence before he opened the door and reemerged with ONE slap bracelet.  I thanked him profusely, then asked for another one for my friend.  “NOPE! Should’ve asked then.  They gave me a hard time with this one!”  Needless to say, I apologized profusely to my friend -_-; (Sorry!).


DISSSSEEEQUILLLL MERCH! Ya’ll! I’ve been aching to add their glow-in-the-dark Speak Yourself Tour pin to my collection and it just so happened the merchant was going to be a Soldier Field.  I couldn’t miss this opportunity.  The anxiety set in when I learned I had to find Disequil by Twitter stalking.

I’ve wrote how my friend and I ran into Big Hit Staff before.  They ab-so-lutely DO NOT want anyone except them selling any merch on tour grounds.

Ooooooo, they want their money! They were looking to bust merch and fan sites like it’s their only mission.  There were also a few scares circulating online that cops were busting fan sites, giving them court orders and throwing their merch away O-O! So you can imagine Disequil wasn’t playing any games.

One moment, Disequil was on the outskirts of Soldier Field Campus, then they were someplace else.  Suddenly, they were traveling to a donut shop and announced they’d only be there briefly.  I legit @ them like DO NOT MOVE! I’M COMING! T_T! So, in the frigid, misty air, by bus, we finally caught up with the merchant.  I not only get the SY tour pin, but also prints of their MONO series pin collection!

Dissu Tour Pin

By now, everyone should know RM is my bias and his album, MONO, had me deep in reflection after its release.  I collect so many pins to show my love of RM and his intellect that it’s ridiculous.  It’s no surprise that I needed to have the MONO prints too.  The details in the design and the embodiment of each song within the artwork of the pins are overwhelming.  Dissu even explains each design because they’re that incredible!  Not only did I buy the prints, but I also bought the pins when Dissu reopened their shop.

Last, but not least, we had to hook my friend up with tour merch!

At Love Yourself in Chicago, there was only one place to buy merch, in the desolate asphalt lot across from United Center at the giant white circus tent.  This time, there were DOZENS of merch sites: outdoor trailers and kiosks and storefronts inside Soldier Field.  By the time we got there around 6 pm, there were no ridiculous wait times and almost everything was in stock.  The downside was not all merch spots had the same inventory.  This meant, not all the same size tees were in stock at every location – which tees were exactly what my friend was on the hunt for.


We’d go to a trailer and they’d have the tee, but not in the wanted size; then, we’d go to another site and they wouldn’t have the tee.  In hopes the next site would have the tee, we’d walk up to the counter and find they had a completely different set of tees or completely different inventory! Eventually, my friend had enough, got what she could with the promise to search again after the concert, and we headed to security to be seated.

Why didn’t we check the giant white circus tent you might ask? The mecca for all merch? Because they were ON THE GRASS! It was swamp muddy.  Like, devour your ballet flats muddy.  The worst part is the lonely UNO Experience tent was waaaaaaay across the sloppy wet field with no one paying it any attention. T_T

Uno Experience


Security was QUICK! I was shivering with cold and excitement knowing I wouldn’t have long before I’d be seated. I double-checked my clear, stadium approved bag: no liquids ✔, ARMY bomb ✔, Umbrella ✔ – when the security personnel caught my eye, “They won’t let you bring in an umbrella.” Ya’ll, when it was our turn, they wanted me to discard a premium umbrella, gifted to me by my manager, that folds outwards to trap any wetness from the rain AND has a flashlight on the handle.  The guard offers directions to the locker area.  Thanks!

We trek to find the lockers that were supposed to be on a simple pathway around the corner.  It was around the building and through a tunnel, on the side of a road.  These were portable gym lockers for $10! After gawking at the price, I made sure to put as much as I could in there LOL!

There was a bit of a panic on my end because there were at least 20 people working the registers and locking up peoples’ things, but it appeared the line wasn’t moving quick enough to catch the show on time.  Luckily, we got a locker, raced back to Soldier Field, practically flew through the security line and made it to our seats in time with 30 minutes to spare.  We didn’t miss a thing!

If you’ve never been to a k-pop concert, there’s a pregame after doors open for seating.  Music videos play and fans turn on their lightsticks for a sing-a-long.  It’s no different at Speak Yourself.  ARMY were singing to various music videos with their ARMY Bombs on.  I could feel the energy in the air from everyone’s anticipation.  The girl next to me was so excited about her first BTS concert that she immediately started talking to me about it.


Finally, without prompting, the first VCR came on, and then…Dionysus.

Note:  Pairing the ARMY Bomb was a bih! I must’ve paired it with the Big Hit app at least five times with horrible cell phone reception until I realized I just had to move the switch from Bluetooth to on after paring LOL!

I did not watch a single recording of Dionysus before the concert.  At first, in all honesty, I was burnt out.  BTS releases so much media that I just needed a break, but this was the perfect opportunity for a surprise while being engulfed in so much sensation.  From that point on, I purposefully refrained from watching Dionysus so I could be murdered in the Soldier Field stands…and the impact did not disappoint!

The background lit up across huge LCD panels, giant silver tigers inflated across the stage, pillars began to appear, fire burst forth and BTS materialized from beneath the stage.  It was hardcore! Each member had a look of royalty and disregard. BTS, the song itself, the stage production, the choreo and surplus of dancers…was murrrddeeer.

The rest of the experience was personal.  I tried to live in the moment as much as possible; although I did get some footage, the rest of the experience turned into amazing memories.  Of course, I do have other highlights I want to share!

1.  THEY’S RICH! Somebody on their team said eff this budget! We straight flexin’! There were lasers, pyrotechnics, lights, beautiful LCD backgrounds, special effects for video feeds to the monitors, twice the amount of back-up dancers than at Love Yourself, inflatables and intricate light oceans (one that formed a galaxy!) throughout the concert. I’ve never seen nor heard of a concert like this.

Plus, every stage got a glow-up:  a conveyor belt on Suga’s stage, Jin’s intergalactic piano, Jay’s sleeker dance platform, RM’s Disney Magic wand, JK flying around the stadium, Jimin popping the bubble he appeared in, and V’s massive, sexy bed.  The medley portion was even standardized so every tour stop could see Baepsae hip thrusts.

I was blown away by how Big Hit could take the same setlist, add a few songs from Persona and still outdo themselves.  And at the very end, with ARMY singing to Mikrokosmos, the BTS logo ascended towards the stars as a year’s worth of fireworks erupted behind it.  It was the most picturesque ending to a concert and incredibly heartfelt.


2.  The light ocean was phenomenal. We were in space y’all! Soooooooo many colors and each light ocean matched the set.  I frequently took time to look around the stadium and we’d be surrounded by rhythms of pulsing, colorful lights.  Sometimes, clusters of lights would form circles or gradients.  We were floating in a galaxy during Epiphany.  It was beautiful and really whisked me away to somewhere magical.


3.  Jimin was genuinely concerned for our health. He told us to stay warm and to not catch a cold.  There were plenty of ARMY that had to look cute without a thin jacket, and Jimin gestured to one fan by rubbing his arms like aren’t you cold?! If memory serves correctly, he even posted for ARMY to take a bath when they got home (or was that Day 2?).

I haven’t put as much emphasis on the horrible weather as I should have, but it was hella cold!  So much so that BTS looked overwhelmed.  My hands and feet were numb FOR HOURS, during and after the concert! I really couldn’t fumble anymore for my phone when RM asked us to turn on our “technology,” for the third time that night.  By the time my friend and I got back to the hotel, my feet were so cold, not even laying in a warm bed, with the heat cranked up, could warm them up.

3.  JK said “It’s been a while,” like he’s been living in The States for years without ARMY knowing. His English improved greatly and I was so proud.

4.  V’s massive sexy bed could fit eight people, but instead, only he teased us from it. And the special effects! Singularity is about how someone could live opposite their true feelings, under an acceptable guise.  The monitor would focus on V, then split his image into two colors and have one move to the left and the right.  It made him look as if his person was being pulled in different directions, perhaps his true feelings and his guise, with his physical body, the one that has to live with this internal conflict at the center. It was overpowering and very slick.

5.  BTS and Big Hit fully invested in ARMY. The show was tied up so nicely that it really felt like ARMY was loved and appreciated.  It’s a double whammy when BTS goes live on VLive or posts to Twitter afterward.  This is why post-concert depression (PCD) is real.  It’s also why ARMY buy tickets for both concert dates at multiple tour stops.  The interaction and affection are second to none.  No other artists do it better.

6.  People love to interrupt me during Tear. This isn’t a highlight, but I think I’m cursed to have someone tap me on the shoulder, or walk in front of me to get to their seats during one of my most favorite sets, during my favorite part where Jay just goes in and owns the thang like the rest of the rap line ain’t there. Will I ever see it all the way through? LOL!

I could talk about the usual things like Flying Jungkook, singing along to Epiphany, all the shenanigans during the Anpanman obstacle course, or chanting J-Hope during Just Dance, but those things have already completed the social media circuit.  These highlights are my best experiences and impressions during the show.  There are definitely takeaways that I learned that may be helpful in the future:

 1.  Don’t trust weather forecasts! They can change. Just pack in case of crummy weather, especially transitioning seasons.

2.  If Big Hit keeps accommodating shorter merch lines, there may no longer be obscene waits unless ARMY wills it so.

3.  So what if you don’t get floor seats? Sitting in the stands is still excellent! My friend and I were able to snag seats on the third level, center stage.  It was perfect.  We could see the stage and monitors head-on.  Any antics from the boys were clearly visible.  Most people will tell you that sitting on the floor level is overrated.  You can see everything clearly from the upper levels without people hogging your view!

4.  Staying close to the concert decreases commuter time when leaving the show. I didn’t mention it before, but it took us 2-3 hours to get back to the hotel because 60,000 fans were all leaving at the same time (and because of the Stadium’s poor direction of pedestrian traffic and Lyft drivers being a-holes ( ͒˃⌂˂ ͒)).  On the other hand, we had a cheaper stay at a nice hotel, with a full breakfast included, by staying further from the city center.

5.  Immerse yourself into the concert! You catch more visually and can feel more of the experience. Granted, you won’t have videos and pictures, but as I fumbled with my phone, I lamented not capturing a moment on time and missed out on the full sensation of being present.  To up the ante, bring an ARMY Bomb since the show is an interactive experience.

6.  Lastly, don’t crash and dash! Due to a tight-TIGHT schedule, my friend and I couldn’t catch up with our ARMY friends. Don’t do this! The stress was horrid. Please take your time.  There’s more to see, plenty of people to connect with and lots of good food downtown.  Stay a bit and relax.

All in all, Speak Yourself in Chicago was bomb, from the insane opening to the ethereal ARMY send-off at the end.  This laser light space show in an ARMY Bomb galaxy was completely and utterly magical.  All ARMY should have a chance to experience it and if BTS continues their reign as artists and Big Hit keeps a bottomless budget, the next tour will be the most spectacular yet!