Randomness: Persona Comeback Trailer

Lord Jesus, help me. *throws hands in the air*

I haven’t been feeling the best but I came back to say a few words ’bout President Kim Namjoon’s comeback trailer, Persona.

It’s dope as fuck.

Everything about it screams him embracing pieces of himself so that he no longer has to put up a front.  The song is a remix of Intro: Skool Luv Affair, Genius from RMixtape and prolly more that I’m not aware of, so it’s dripping in hip-hop (it ain’t dead y’all! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و).  He shows who he is as himself, an idol and a leader, and in true President Kim Namjoon fashion, shows nothing gets passed him! (i.e. “But Namjoon,” and visual nods to ARMY affectionately calling him President by also nodding to the UN speech he gave! JFC!).

I also love how honest he is.  He admits he didn’t understand what message he should put forth as an artist when he was younger, so he imitated what he thought was right.  He admits that he’s always changing and he has his faults.  But, this life, this pursuit of “Who am I?” doesn’t have a clear answer.  There’s beauty in striving to become better people by constantly learning who we are, how to adapt.  There’s also hope and/or aspiration in his lyrics:

“So I’m askin’ once again yeah
Who the hell am I?
Tell me all your names baby
Do you wanna die?
Oh do you wanna go?
Do you wanna fly?
Where’s your soul? where’s your dream?
Do you think you’re alive?”

Genius Lyrics

Tell me all your names, baby?! I’ve been dying for him to drop another “baby,” my way but he also threw in a reference to his UN speech! *cries* He’s killing me! ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

And can we get an AMEN for all the Carl Jung thrown about the video backgrounds, visuals, and lyrics?!  We stan some smart ass Kings! They feeding us everything PLUS knowledge. *claps*

The consistency in his message of love and knowing who you are, from Love Yourself lyrics to concert ments, is amazing.  I effing love it and him.

Ya’ll. I said it before and I’ll say it again,  I would’ve loved this encouragement as a kid but I still love that I can appreciate the depth more as an adult.

President Kim Namjoon is everything.

End rant.

Randomness: Chris Pine Owns a Dunkin Donuts

Last night, I dreamt Chris Pine worked not only for my employer and left to start his own business, but that his new business was running a Dunkin Donuts! He met his girlfriend, a conspiracy theorist with a heavy Slovenian accent, after a tryst on company grounds.  (The employee rumor mill said it was hot and scandalous!)  She followed Chris to also start her own Dunkin Donuts.

Mind you, my dream really made it seem Chris Pine and his girlfriend felt they were too good for my employer and stormed off to do BIG THINGS:…….Dunkin Donuts. Hehehehe! Chris Pine became the manager in the white button-down that you ask for when the cashier screwed up your order and won’t fix it. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

The line into the Dunkin Donuts was out the door.  They were serving Krispy Kremes (LOL!).  All hands were on deck…literally, they were manhandling donuts and passing them out on napkins like an assembly line.  I gladly ate my purple yam donut after watching Chris Pine glaze it with his bare hands under the spout of a glaze machine.

It looked like a pop machine, but instead, sugary donut glaze came out.  Like, what’s wrong with dipping the donuts? Watch, the glaze machine is gonna break and they won’t know what to do.  “Sorry, no glazed or frosted donuts.  The glaze machine broke.” (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖

I was excited to see Chris; were we on good terms, friends even? And. He. Was. Aaaaaa- HAM! He was joking with everybody, even called for everyone’s attention to do a performance (Not managing. At. All.).  He could’ve been singing (stream Spidey-Bells!).  I don’t remember, but everyone loved him.  Too bad they’re not going to stay open after the health code violations roll in (LOL!).

Afterward, I called Chris Pine’s girlfriend’s Dunkin Donuts (She has no name ya’ll), prolly cause that purple yam donut was bomb, and I got a voicemail greeting detailing a conspiracy as to why she was fired from her previous employer and who to beware of, all in a heavy Slovenian accent.  It was ENDLESS! So I hung up.

The End.


BTW, I love Chris Pine.  He’s too hot not to get some.  He can open all the Dunkin Donuts he wants and I’ll be there.  Gawd, I effin love their dark roast coffee *cries*  It’s just comical I dreamt an A-list actor figured his best opportunity was opening a Dunkin Donuts. LOL!


BTS…Why You Do Me Like Dis?

Dudes, random and straight-up, why BTS tryna ruin my wallet with a spontaneous stadium tour?!

Sure, we can say they gave us a heads up, with “Oooo, I wish we could do a stadium tour,” but you were JUST here in October! (An experience I HAVE to share with you guys!) Their current tour ain’t even finished. I would’ve thought they’d return during the fall at the most outrageously earliest timetable.

When will they rest? Will they be okay? Will they be healthy by the end? Will Suga get enough sleep?! Is RM gonna do his UN speech?! How many new stages will there be?! WHAT EPIC LOOKS WILL THEY KILL US WITH?! AHDAHDFHAHFAHDFSA! (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣o˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)⁼³₌₃

Also, they threw this on me (YES! MEEEEEE!) after announcing a Mattel and Funko Pop collaboration (UNO cards?! Effin really?!…I’m getting them tho ✧(σ๑˃̶̀ꇴ˂̶́)σ), The Notes books, I’m sure I’m forgetting more that I’m already paying for! OH! What about new BT21 Releases! And BTS World?! They still have to release new albums this spring. How much do you wanna bet they’ll drop new merch that says Speak Yourself? If they drop a new lightstick, we fightin!

UGH! I’m so broke…I still love them tho…with all my heart. *whimpers in defeat* RM…call me! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Anyway, here’s links for y’all that can actually make it *kicks rocks*


Randomness: Old Posts

If you’ve read my One Punch Man workout post, you’ll realize I’m not the most timely person. Hell, I’m late to everything, so why would blog posts be any different?

But also, I’ll write these amazing posts and find a way not to publish them:

  • It’s too long – I need to shorten it
  • It’s not good – no one will read it
  • I’ll publish it tomorrow – finds other things to do. 

Or, worse yet, I’ll just forget about it.

Since my most recent post about expressing love, I have started writing another piece! Unfortunately, none of it made sense because I didn’t publish my older posts (LOL!).  They’re a HUGE piece of my transformation puzzle.

So! For your reading pleasure, you’ll see a few old, and I mean oooold, posts before I publish my most recent ones!

Thanks for handing in there with me on this blogger journey! ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Randomness: ARMY, Ya’ll Paying Those Ticket Prices?!

This will be my very first BTS concert.  In Chicago.  On October 3rd.  Me and my friend will be in that ARMY Bomb ocean doing the wave as long as God hears me and answers my prayers.  I’m fearful now that my optimism, at the highest it’s EVER been, was shot down in a brawl for tickets.

Lemme say something:  I was christened with the strength of K-Pop determination through the grit of getting tickets for KCon LA 2017 and GOT7 World Tour 2018 in NY.  I was made tough damnit. I knew I’d get tickets for BTS Love Yourself Tour!

My time limit was 10 to 15 minutes to score tickets.  I’d have up to 7 minutes for P1 or P2 tickets if I was lucky. GOT7 tickets completely sold out in 20 minutes, so I knew BTS tickets would sell out quicker including tickets released from check-out carts.  Three devices were at the ready.  My friend had two.  Not an impressive ARMY set-up, but we were doing our best!

So I’m in Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge with multiple tabs open, refreshing the pages sequentially.  Meanwhile, I’m checking Twitter and Facebook groups:


“Powerhouse website crashed again!”

“Guys, don’t refresh! That’s how I got my tickets!”

“Tickets JUST went on sale and they’re sold out?! AGHAGJDAALNDAF!”

But I didn’t let that sway me.  I was on a mission.  In fact, I knew the perfect tickets were waiting for me.

I bought the limited edition Billboard BTS package with large posters and special Billboard Magazine covers for each of the boys and the first picture I saw was RM’s beautiful face.  Epiphany! I knew in my spirit I’d see him in person.  That’s how I knew these tickets were mine. ლζ*ε*ζლ 

Anyways, I didn’t get the tickets (LOL!), so I’ve been resale stalking for four desperate and starving months.

Here’s my real issue:  These resale prices are too damn high! Granted, I realized P1 tickets were underpriced.  BTS and BigHit love ARMY enough to give us a discounted price of $250 dollars for P1 and GA tickets.  Once tickets hit resale, I knew it was game on, but ARMY, why are you paying these outrageous resale prices? I’ve seen ARMY repost resale tickets at the same price they bought them, around $750 dollars or more!  I’ve watched LA and Oakland tickets sell from around $600 to over $700 dollars on StubHub and VividSeats.  There are barely any tickets available for Fort Worth, and those started at $900 dollars!

ARMY are panicking everywhere.  They’re asking each other whether to buy tickets at the current resale price and they’re encouraging each other to do so! Don’t do that.  I need everyone to take a deep breath and walk with me some more.

Remember, supply and demand.  As demand increases for limited resources, the prices increase.  We see this with the state of resale ticket prices.  It also doesn’t help that initially, a percentage of tickets were squirreled away by the venue, promoter, entertainment company and possibly the artist.  It’s all contractual, it’s all business.  That’s the way it is across the board, so we didn’t have much to purchase from the git.  Once the smaller amount of tickets hit the resale market, the prices sky-rocketed over time.

And ah-nother thing!  Have you seen ticket prices for Citifield and Hamilton?! They’re practically dirt cheap compared to everywhere else.  People are trying to trade with Citifield and Hamilton tickets.  Dude, I’m sure everyone got their tickets already.  You can’t beat those prices, even with the extra fees. ˃̶̀˂̶́)σ

But listen, in order for resellers to recoup the cost of these tickets, they have to sell them by the concert date.  Truly this is motivation to lower the ticket price.  If ARMY wait to purchase tickets, resellers will be forced to drop prices to recoup costs, especially if they have too many tickets to sell.  Buying tickets at the current rate will increase the prices across the board.  In turn, ARMY will begin to feel obligated to pay these ridiculous prices.

Watch any other resale on StubHub and see that resale prices typically are cheaper closer to the concert date.  In fact, the closer to the hour, the better.  The first LA concert is a perfect example.  A couple of hours before the concert, ticket prices hovered around face value.  This corresponds with what most BTS tour veterans have said about last minute resales.  Then Friday hit, and everything was a bust.  It got to social media that resale tickets are being bought up and all other dates suffered.  People have already bought all of the P1 and P2 tickets in the $500 dollar range for Chicago.  Ugh, stop!

Please be considerate.  If you have extra tickets, release them now.  Increasing the supply will decrease the price, therefore positively affecting ticket sales and last minute mark-downs.

This literally JUST happened with Fort Worth a few hours ago.  Now tickets start at $463, NOT $900.  Progress, yes! (•̀•́)و✧

If you have tickets but are looking for different ones with a closer view, stop.  Be grateful for what you have.  Have you already seen them? Possibly four times? Good, now stop.  Don’t be greedy.  And trading tickets for one location for another isn’t helpful.  Just sell the ticket! Me and my friend have two weeks before the Chicago concert with bus tickets, an AirBnB and absolutely no way into United Center.  Let’s help each other.

From what I’ve learned from my interactions on social media, there are four different ways to score tickets outside of StubHub and other ticket resale companies:

  1. Ticket trade and resale groups. Most I’ve found are on Facebook.  There’s BTSTicketBot on Twitter.  No sales fees! Yaaaay!
  2. Club suites. There are organizers out there purchasing suites and selling the seats for affordable prices.  Plus, food and drinks are included!
  3. Last minute online ticket sales. Without warning, sites like Ticketmaster and AXS will release tickets at face value.  Are tickets ever really sold out?
  4. Last minute sales at the venue. On the day of the concert, people are walking around or posting to social media (Twitter and resale groups) that they have spare tickets.  I read that someone got a free ticket.
  5. Last minute box office sales. This legit happened in Oakland.  The box office opened around 5:30 PM and started selling P1 tickets.  Ain’t that a bbbbbb…

Well, that was five things.  Now, go forth and scour the inters-of-net, set all the notifications and please, stop the madness.

♥ ボーナス! ♥ 

Here’s something underhanded that I think may be happening.  Scalpers can snatch dozens of tickets immediately at the start of ticket sales.  They can manipulate the market by posting only a few tickets to inflate prices.  ARMY will buy the tickets thinking there are no alternatives, and the prices stabilize at or increase to a higher price.  Once prices are higher across the platform, scalpers can introduce more tickets closer to the date at the higher prices and the demand will still be there to purchase them.  This is just my inkling.  I could be totally off base.

But this is true: resale ticket prices are usually reasonable right after a ticket sale.  Even though Citifield still has reasonable ticket prices, I’ve watched GA prices increase to around $600 (although there’s still so many cheaper tickets left, like wut?), so time really is a factor. Save up over the year so you can throw that money down!